El IES Cervantes de Madrid implantó el curso 2010/2011 la sección lingüística de inglés, lo que supone una atractiva singularidad para nuestro instituto y constituye un interesante reto para la formación de nuestro alumnado en lenguas extranjeras; así junto con la enseñanza de alemán y francés se potencia la del inglés, gracias a un desarrollo curricular adecuado.

El IES Cervantes está adscrito al “Proyecto Bilingüe” de la Comunidad de Madrid que consta de dos modalidades: SECCIÓN BILINGÜE y PROGRAMA BILINGÜE. En ambas modalidades, se imparten cinco horas de inglés semanales, dos más que en los institutos no bilingües.

• En la SECCIÓN BILINGÜE se pueden impartir en inglés todas las asignaturas, y la tutoría excepto Lengua Castellana, Matemáticas, segunda lengua extranjera y las opciones de Religión, HCR o MAE. Para acceder a dicha sección se requiere un nivel certificado de inglés.

• En el PROGRAMA BILINGÜE los alumnos verán reforzado el aprendizaje de inglés con una o varias asignaturas según su nivel. Estas asignaturas que se imparten en Inglés, en esta modalidad, nunca podrían ser: Ciencias Sociales, Ciencias Naturales, Biología y Geología, Física y Química, Geografía e Historia, además de Lengua Castellana, Matemáticas, segunda lengua extranjera y las opciones de Religión, HCR o MAE.

Actividades de la Sección
Curso 2016/2017

Visita de Richard Vaughan

Organizadoras: Rosa Barrio, Cristina Rodríguez

El pasado 21 de Diciembre visitó el IES Cervantes Richard Vaughan con su ayudante Natasha Pascua. Les acompañaron en la visita la directora Dña. Julia Pérez, el Subdirector General de Programas de Innovación, D. David Cervera y la Técnico de Apoyo Dña. Mayte Rodríguez. El objetivo de la visita fue que los alumnos de 4ºESO A y 2ºBACH B tuvieran la oportunidad de conocer a este afamado profesor de inglés y participaran en una clase con un método de enseñanza diferente. Además, tres alumnas de 1º de bachillerato le hicieron una entrevista que se publicará en el próximo número de la revista del centro El Ingenioso Hidalgo.


Organizers: Teresa González, Cristina Rodríguez, Katherine Pace.

Once again, on November 11th 2016 1st Bachillerato A Bilingual and 2nd Bachillerato Bilingual participated in the “Group Discussion for Teens”―an activity promoted by the International Institute in Madrid in collaboration with the American Space Programme of the US Embassy. The students started with a research activity on the history of the institution and discussed on Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery.” Both activities, skillfully led by Ms. Alexa Brooks and Dr. Andrew Bennett and coordinated by Ms. Ana Alonso, were highly instructive. The students extensively demonstrated their fluency in English and their knowledge of American Literature. Literature is Dr González’s pride and joy in bilingual education.

Actividades de la Sección
Curso 2015/2016

“IES Cervantes calls for 1st Bachillerato Advanced English students to participate in the 1st Elizabethan Story Literary Contest as a tribute to the Immortal Bard on the 400th anniversary of his death”

The competition will take place in Aula Magna at IES Cervantes on March 31 2016, 11:30 a.m.

“Group Discussion for Teens”

Organized by Rosa Barrio Gutierrez and Teresa González Mínguez (English Department)

On November 20th 2015 1st Bachillerato Bilingual, 2nd Bachillerato Bilingual and 2nd Bachillerato A participated in the “Group Discussion for Teens”―an activity promoted by the International Institute in Madrid in collaboration with the American Space Programme of the US Embassy. The students started with a research activity on the history of the institution and discussed on Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Both activities, skillfully led by Ms. Jean Choi and Dr. Andrew Bennett and coordinated by Ms. Ana Alonso, were highly instructive. The students extensively demonstrated their fluency in English and their knowledge of American Literature.

Organized by Rosa Barrio and Teresa González
On Wed 20th 2016 Antonio Ballesteros (UNED) delighted the audiences with his conference "Shakespeare, el forjador de sueños." Students from 4th Secondary, 1st and 2nd Bachillerato Blilingual and 2nd A Bachillerato Programa enjoyed a wonderful paper which rendered tribute to William Shakespeare on the 400th anniversary of his death. From Queen Elizabeth's London to The Globe Theatre and futher influence of The Bard's plays in the intermedia, Professor Ballesteros demonstrated that he is still a model to follow by all artists and common people.
Shakespeare Competition
March-April 2016
Organized by Teresa González, Rosa Barrio, Julianne Athom and Araz Nerdjvanian.
Sponsored by OUP, MacMillam, Burlington Books, IES Cervantes and Parents' Association.
Participants: IES Ramiro de Maeztu, IES Fortuny, IES Joaquin Turina and IES Cervantes.

As a tribute to Shakespeare's 400th anniversary, IES Cervantes organized the Shakespeare Competition and called for Elizabethan stories which took place in England, Scotland, the American colonies or the European countries of the time. Nineteen 1st Bachillerato Bilingual writers from four schools created wondefully original stories demonstrating their skills to mix Literature, History and English grammar. Gloria Pérez Novillo (IES Joaquin Turina) won the first prize with "Witches and Supernatural Beings in Shakespeare's and Cervantes's Compositions." The second prize went to Alba Bravo Zabalza (IES Ramiro de Maeztu) with "Heavy Lies the Crown." Third prize went to Óscar Gómez Villarroya (IES Cervantes) with "Loyalty" and finally the fourth prize to Oleksander Rogachov (IES Fortuny) with "Treason?" The stories will be published in the 2017 issue of Cervantes's magazine El Ingenioso Hidalgo.

Prizes were presented by Juan José Murillo --our Inspector--, Gretchen Dobrott --the Director of CTIF--, Belinda Coombes --the Director of Trade and Investment at the British Embassy-- and Rafael Gutiérrez --Adviser of Trade and Investment at the British Embassy in Madrid in a warm ceremony in IES Cervantes Library on April 22nd. Julia Pérez --the Principal--, Juan José Murillo and Belinda Coombes gave encouraging speeches congratulating winners and participants. Yummies were served at the end.

Thanks to all of you for being art's lovers!

Organized by Teresa González and Rosa Barrio
On May 10th 2 BACHILLERATO, 4A and 1 BACHILLERATO BILINGUAL attended a really brain storming conference by Matthew Boland, the Cultural Officer at the American Embassy in Madrid, on the 2016 American presidential elections.
First, Mr Boland delved into interesting issues about his experiences on different diplomatic missions in Asia, Europe and Central America to later comment on how elections are organized (primaries, caucuses), the candidates, the new mentality and the "American dream" philosophy. A dynamic debate, in which teachers and students participated, followed the presentation.

Organizers: Teresa González, Julianne Athon, Javier Sáinz de Robles
Participants: Andrea Alonso, Eva Calero, Daniel de Antonio, Katia Mazuecos, Lucía Arroyo, Giuliana Fernández, Hugo Monelo and Andrés Pordomingo
On May 19th and 20th, 4th ESO Bilingual students participated in the Debating Tournament organized by Comunidad de Madrid and Fundación Cánovas. They comported themselves with dignity and class, showing their extraordinary skills in research as well as in written and spoken English. The selected topic was "Should the EU pay citizens to house refugees at their houses?" As always, students are part of what makes working at Cervantes such an extraordinary experience. Keep going!

Organizers: Rosa Barrio, Beatriz Martín, María Castañeda
Irene Siles (4th C) kindly gave her permission to upload her video shot during the school trip to Scotland last April. 4th ESO students participated in the trip living with Scottish families, visiting interesting places and attending classes at Mackenzie School.

Organizers: Teresa González and Julianne Athon
Participants: Daniel de Antonio, Hugo Monelo, Andrea Alonso, Katia Mazuecos, Lucía Arroyo, Andrés Pordomingo, Giuliana Fernández, Eva Calero.
On June 10th the eight 4th Secondary students who brilliantly participated in the Debating Tournament organized by CAM and Fundación Cánovas received their certificates in a ceremony at Salón de Actos. Ms Julianne Athon --our assistant-- also received a present from the students for her hard work and perseverance these past years.

Curso 2014/2015
Organizers: Rosa Barrio, Julianne Athom, Teresa González.
Participants: Óscar Gómez, Inés Olmos, Alicia Álvarez, Blanca Mateos, Elena Rozas.

On the 24th of March 4 B/C Bilingual students participated in the II International Debate Tournament at CRIF Las Acacias organized by the CAM and the ESU. They defended their ideas sensibly and energetically being distinguished by everybody.

Organizers: Rosa Barrio, Teresa González.

From the 26th of April to the 1st May 4 Secondary Bilingual and Progama Students travelled to Edinburgh to attend an English course at Mackenzie School of English, spent a few days with their host families, and visited historic places such as The Royal Mile, Princess Street, Holyrood Palace, The Georgian House, Abbotsford House in the Borders, the Abbey in Melrose, Mary Queen of Scots House in Jedburgh and the Abbey and Castle Jail also in the same town. The experience was really rewarding for the students who actively participated in the classes and in the guided visits.

Organizers: Carlos Álvarez Suso, Alejandro Molinero, Javier Sáinz de Robles, Corey Lineham, Rosa Barrio,Teresa González.

Participants: Tomás Moro, Aida Muñoz, Uttam Tejedor, Eva Calero, Laura Moreno, Darío Jaramillo, Esther Arribas, Juliana Fernández, Pedro Pinilla, Claudia Fernández.
On the 20th of January 3rd Secondary Bilingual students partipated in the Preliminary Session of the Global Classrooms Conference at CRIF Las Acacias organized by the CAM, THE UN and the American Embassy. They successfully represented IES Cervantes with their proposals and opinions.

Curso 2013/2014
The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare
(Organized by Rosa Barrio and Teresa González)

On Friday 22nd November 2013 3E and 4B Bilingual attended the performance of The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare directed by Cary Barney and performed by the Theatre Workshop of St. Louis University of Missouri Madrid Campus. Wonderful actors, an attractive mise en scene and a friendly atmosphere made the students enjoy a most remarkable Elizabethan play where treason and power intertwine with feelings and emotions. After the performance an interesting debate with actors and director took place in the theatre of Elias Ahuja Students Residence. Please, keep working like this! Will Shakespeare is timeless and universal.

Global Classrooms 2014
(Organized by Teresa González and Amy Stamon)

On January 15th 2014 a group of ten students from 3E Bilingual defended their positions on Generic Drugs in the 2014 Preliminary Conference of the Global Classrooms Project sponsored by Comunidad de Madrid and the Fulbright Commission. Two of the four resolutions passed by the United Nations Assembly were Cervantes’. Good English, sensibility, poise and common sense distinguished our delegation.

"Race and Gender in Kate Chopin's "Desiree's Baby"
5 June 2014, Salón de Actos
Organized by Teresa González and Rosa Barrio

Dr Eulalia Piñero (UAM) presented this tantalizing paper conference on one of the most famous American writers of the history of English-speaking literature. The South of the USA in the nineteenth century, miscegenation, racial discrimination, female confinement and the decline of a whole system of values were the topics discussed in this talk in which 1st Bachillerato B, 4 ESO B and 3rd ESO E Bilingual participated eagerly.

Ten students from 3E Bilingual with Amy Stamon and Teresa González after receiving their certificates of participation in the Global Classrooms Preliminary Conference in January 2014.

3E Bilingual with Amy Stamon and Rosa Barrio after receiving their PET Certificates in May 2014.

Curso 2012/2013
“William Blake. The visionary in British Art”
Organizers: M. Teresa González and M.Rosa Barrio

On October 15th and 17th, 2F and 3D ESO Bilingual visited the exhibition at CaixaForum. This exhibition, consisting of works from the renowned Tate collection in London, presents a journey through William Blake´s artistic output and examines his legacy for British art.

“Elections Talk”
Organizers: M. Rosa Barrio and Alejandro Molinero

On October 23rd, 3D and 3C had the opportunity of attending a talk by Kim Deblauw, Administration Officer at the US Embassy in Madrid, and learning about the election system of the United States of America.

“Movement That Moves Us: Looking at and Writing about Dance”
by Donald Hutera and Laura Kumin
Organizers: Prof. M. Rosa Barrio and M. Teresa González

Dancing is sublime and if one combines it with literature, one obtains the most wonderful mixture ever. This is what ballet critic Donald Hutera and creative arts manager Laura Kumin did on Friday 14 December 2012 at IES Cervantes. They delighted us with a paper conference entitled “Movement That Moves Us: Looking at and Writing about Dance.” In a wonderful performance (oh yeah! It was more than a paper conference!), both artists described how the perfection that creates movement, emotions and feelings work in unison with those words dancers leave unspoken but everybody can hear. Hutera and Kumin know about the way cultural manifestations of art condition human behaviour. Then, through words and images, they transmitted to the audience why human beings can express love and hate, passion and disgust, affection and revulsion in a way they have never done before. Classical ballet, modern dance or even the simplest gestures of our bodies provoke insights and provide the public with meanings which make people think about the most elementary and complex issues in their lives.

Treasure Island. From Holbein to Hockney

On December 17th 2012 2nd F ESO BILINGUAL visited Treasure Island: British Art from Holbein to Hockney at Fundación Juan March. Organized by Prof. Teresa González and Rosa Barrio, the students could enjoy a guided visit in a magnificent exhibition which presents British-born and imported artists in seven different sections. The exhibition displays a number of aspects of British art during a particular period, discovering half-hidden treasures submerged for over 500 years.

On December 10th, 3D ESO Bilingual visited the exhibition with their Arts teacher Estanislao Villero

“On the Bicentenary of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: An Educational Perspective” On the 28th of January 1813 Jane Austen published her most famous novel Pride and Prejudice. The best known of her six works, Pride and Prejudice gives good advice to young ladies and prevent them from following first impressions. In fact, that was the first title of the novel.
On the occasion of the bicentenary of the publication of the book, Teresa González and Rosa Barrio (English Department) rendered a tribute to the English writer and organized an event for 2nd and 3rd Secondary Bilingual groups and 2nd B Bachillerato. The venue took place on the 18th of March at Salón de Actos.
Once again Professor Antonio Ballesteros (Dpt. of Foreign Languages, UNED) delighted us with an extraordinary paper which covered Austen’s biography, an analysis of her novels and, above all, how the media have adapted her works in the twentieth and twenty first centuries. From the Janeites at the end of the nineteenth century, the first cinema version in 1936, the 1995 BBC series to new outstanding sequels of Pride and Prejudice such as Jane Austen and Zombies or P. D. James’s Death Comes to Pemberley, Ballesteros demonstrated that Austen’s topics are timeless and universal. Cunning satire, fine irony and cool elegance are used by Austen to portray a private sphere in which love is the way to knowledge and the world speaks with a female voice, the voice of a really human down-to-earth writer. The conference finished with interesting questions from the audience.
Bibliographical references to Dr González’s article “On the Fiftieth Anniversary of Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook” (El Ingenioso Hidalgo. Revista del IES Cervantes. Madrid. Época III, No. 1, Abril (2013): 30-31).
“Drama in the English Classroom”

Organizers: M.Rosa Barrio and language assistant Héctor Hernández
3rd Grade Bilingual students have been working on Shakespeare´s “ A Midsummer Night ´s Dream” through the second and third terms and performed three scenes. 1st Grade G played Roald Dahl´s “BFG”.


Organizers: M. Rosa Barrio, Ismail Alí, Beatriz Martín
From May 27th to 29th, 40 students from Secondary Bilingual groups 1E and 1F visited Gredos with their Science teacher Ismail Alí Gago together with English teacher M. José Serrano and our language assistant Roland de Boer. From May 29th to 31st, 47 students from groups 1D,1G,2F and 3D visited Gredos with their Science teacher Beatriz Martín together with teachers Estanislao Villero and César Prestel. Our students attended an English Immersion Programme doing Biology fieldwork studies in Ecosystems ( food chains), Meteorology (weather station),Geology (weathering and erosion) and an Orienteering workshop. The students enjoyed their time in the scenic surroundings and were very involved in all the activities, engaging with the Centre monitors completely in English. After three days everyone, teachers and students, returned to Cervantes having thoroughly enjoyed a very enjoyable trip.

Curso 2011/2012
Viaje a Irlanda
Teatro de la Sección