Founded in 1931, Cervantes High School is a state secondary school and the third oldest high school in Madrid. After being housed in various places, it moved to its current location, a neo-classical gem of artistic and historical importance. Designed and built in 1881 by architect Francisco Jareño, the rectangular building centers around an exquisitely landscaped courtyard. It originally housed the Veterinarian School. In 1966, an annex building was constructed to allow a greater number of students. Then, in 1991, a modernization initiative was completed to create a larger space for laboratories and for sporting and cultural events. Most recently, in 2003, the annex building was rehabilitated in order to optimize space and modernize its facilities and allow the Official Language School to give classes there.

There are three different teaching sessions, daytime, afternoon and evening. In the afternoon session, classes are given to students from the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza «Mariemma» (C/Soria, 2), the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza «Comandante Fortea» (C/Comandante Fortea, 42), the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza «Carmen Amaya»(Avda de la Felicidad, 27), which are Schools of Dance and Music officially approved by the Community of Madrid.

Address: c/Embajadores, 70.  Buses: 118, 119, 140, 148, 60, 78, 34, 36, 27 y C; Metro: Línea 3; RENFE C5

Our History. "Proyecto CEIMES"

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